Since 2011 MUNIRevs has been a leader in simplifying how municipalities process registration and licensing as well as tax filing and remittance. With a strong connection to Colorado and a headquarters in Durango, Colorado, MUNIRevs understands the needs of Colorado municipalities.

In 2019 the MUNIRevs Portal was selected as the bulk filing system for the Alaska Municipal League and for the Colorado Department of Revenue. The Colorado system provided by MUNIRevs is called the Sales and Use Tax System, or SUTS.

Windsor, Colorado has selected MUNIRevs as its provider for online tax collection and business licensing as of July 2020. In addition to adding an online tax and licensing options for their businesses, the ease of use through the integration of SUTS with MUNIRevs clients will enable Windsor to streamline their processes and reduce staff involvement time.

For MUNIRevs clients, new businesses that register for CDOR through the SUTS portal will automatically be transferred to the Town’s integrated MUNIRevs site. In addition, the tax returns received via SUTS are automatically posted into the Town’s linked MUNIRevs system with no additional data entry or tasks by jurisdiction staff making the integration of data seamless for Town staff.