Source: Politico

 You might have heard that Alaska is one of five states without a statewide sales tax. But plenty of cities and boroughs do levy a tax — the state has 106 sales tax jurisdictions — and those communities have worked out a plan to collect on out-of-state online purchases, The Anchorage Daily News reports. (The state’s two largest cities, Anchorage and Fairbanks, don’t have a sales tax.) The online sales tax plan, which would go into effect in 2020, would ask affected localities to join a statewide sales tax commission administered by the Alaska Municipal League. A Colorado-based software company hired by the commission would be in charge of collecting sales taxes from retailers, and both the commission and the company, MuniRevs, would take a cut for their troubles. Companies would need to make at least $100,000 worth of sales to customers in Alaska, or 100 separate transactions, to be required to remit sales taxes.