MUNIRevs Cares Initiative

Online Tax Collection System

Simple & Trusted

Paperless Automation

Our communities are 95% paperless for business revenue collection!

Enhanced Revenues

No more math errors. No more chasing taxpayers to collect penalties or interest due. We will automatically collect every dollar in real-time.

Automatic Deposits

Business payments are automatically remitted to the jurisdiction’s bank account each day.

*The Cares Initiative is a limited version of the MUNIRevs System of Record.  Only cost to Municipalities are merchant fees.

How it Works.


Submit your onboarding form. Our Community Partnerships team will be in touch to answer any remaining questions you may have and walk you through our Terms and Conditions.


Once you have agreed your MUNIRevs Cares site will begin to be built.  The city staff will have a dedicated Account Manager ready to answer any questions.


Use your site for free. The only fees are merchant processing fees that are paid by the municipality.


At the end of the Cares Initiative, our Community Partnerships team will be in touch to see how the site worked for you. You will have the chance to cancel service and export all data or continue using your site at a monthly rate. No obligation to sign up, we truly are here to help.

Why Communities Choose Us.

Since 2011, we have processed over $1.5 billion in paperless revenues. Businesses use our Self-Service Business Center to remit anything due to their town.

It could be a new business application, or a license renewal or their tax forms! Our system automates new business applications, license renewals and tax forms. We make sure the business clearly understands what is owed to the city through easy to understand workflows, automated reminders and targeted notifications.

The online system ensures calculations are updated to the minute so late charges are collected with every payment. There are NO mathematical errors and taxpayers cannot drop penalties or interest in their payment cart. No more chasing businesses for math errors or penalty and interest due – we collect it automatically.
On average, our communities are 95% paperless – that is 95% fewer tax data entries to make each period. Our reports and dashboards are live so cities know in real-time how revenues are shaping up versus the prior year. What are you waiting for? Go paperless today!

Providing Communities the Highest Level of Support Since 2011