Source: Durango Herald

The website will be the central nexus where a business can pay state sales and use taxes as well as local taxes from municipalities, counties and other taxing districts.

“We’re really excited to bring our efficient and simple solutions to taxing jurisdictions and businesses in the state. We bill our sites as easiest as possible to use, and we really try to do that,” Neer said.

The first stage of the development process will focus on creating a web-based portal that integrates existing state systems for licensing and development of standards and brings in local jurisdictions for tax payments.

Eventually, tax-paying entities will be able to look up the tax rate of any taxing jurisdiction in the state for remittance of sales and use taxes.

“It’s a manual process for the business community to assess where taxes need to be remitted. A single online portal will streamline and simplify the complex state and local tax system,” state Sen. Jack Tate, R-Centennial, said in a news release issued by the Department of Revenue in announcing the contract with MUNIRevs.

Sen. Jack Tate, R-Centennial

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