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As the leaders in paperless tax payment processing, we welcome any and all of your questions, comments and concerns. We understand the complexity of these issues, including those pertaining to lodging and tax compliance, and are ready and eager to fill in all the details that may help you make the decision to go paperless. Contact us now to discover all the advantages of MUNIRevs.

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MUNIRevs Steps to Success

Why choose us? Simply stated – we make your job easier. And, we help you capture every dollar AND every rental.

Self-Service Business Center

Each business accesses its secure business center to complete items due. They can apply for new businesses, renew a license and remit taxes all in one place. Businesses receive automated emails directly to their inbox to help manage their tasks.

Automated Revenues

Our automation ensures that a 1) form can never be missed 2) late fees and penalties are accurate and immediately collected 3) mathematical errors are eliminated and 4) revenues are automatically deposited to the jurisdiction’s bank account.


The MUNIRevs admin dashboard provides jurisdiction users with live reports that are updated as businesses are filing. Our robust reports provide analytics on everything from the average daily rate for your lodging remitters to economic impact from events. And of course all those accounting functions too like approving licenses, setting up new accounts and handling any accounting entries that are needed for business accounts.


Whether it’s your staff or your businesses, we happily support them all. Our team is ready and waiting to answer any questions – quickly and accurately – so you can move onto other tasks.