Colorado-based software provider MUNIRevs has been selected in a competitive bidding process to provide a business license and payroll tax remittance system to Boone County, Kentucky. Now in its tenth year working with communities to automate business revenue collection, MUNIRevs has become the industry standard in secure tax collection and licensing. 

When Boone County issued a Request for Proposals to replace their current Revenue and Collection Management System, they had a list of goals they hoped to achieve with the help of a tax software provider. Among the County’s primary objectives was to provide an improved taxpayer experience by reducing the number of paper-based processes and enabling taxpayers to complete transactions online through a self-service portal. The County currently collects occupational taxes from more than 18,000 taxpayers.

“Occupational tax is levied on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation of individuals for activities performed or rendered in Boone County and on the Net Profits of all businesses conducting activity in our jurisdiction. The mission of the Occupational License Tax Office is to fairly and equitably apply the tax code in the administration of the occupational tax laws of Boone County, Kentucky.”1

MUNIRevs will replace the County’s existing system, helping to streamline current licensing and tax collections processes. The software company has experience implementing similar solutions in communities that have sought to enhance the effectiveness of their revenue and collection management system as well as modernize their processes. MUNIRevs currently holds state-level contracts with both the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Alaska Municipal League.

Once Boone County is up and running in the system, MUNIRevs will automate multiple processes for the programs administered by the County’s Occupational Tax Department. The MUNIRevs solution has the advanced functionality and flexibility to collect on everything from the County’s occupational license fees to flight crew and taxi cab fees to regulatory business license fees.

“We implement innovative solutions that increase efficiency across the board,” explained Daniel Watts, RFP and Community Partnership Manager for MUNIRevs. “MUNIRevs offers the customer experience, system security and advanced admin functionality to match the County’s complex requirements. We’re looking forward to this new partnership and to helping Boone County meet their objectives for a modern, improved tax collection system.”

Founded in 2011, MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs automates business revenue collection, permitting and short-term rental compliance for jurisdictions and states across the U.S. With extensive experience in municipal finance, MUNIRevs has revolutionized these processes for local governments. It is the trusted source for secure, paperless payment processing, helping cities and states eliminate approximately 95% of the manual data entry tasks. For more information, visit

1 Boone County Occupational Licensing