About MUNIRevs

Discover how easy it is to go paperless and automate your licensing and tax collection process.

What We Do

Paperless Automation

Our communities are 95% paperless for business revenue collection!

Enhanced Revenues & Automatic Deposits

No more math errors. No more mailing to collect penalties or interest due. We will automatically collect every dollar in real-time.

Data-Driven Decisions

MUNIRevs communities know their exact revenue breakdowns and data required to make informed community decisions. Know, don’t guess.

About MUNIRevs

Our founder, Erin Neer, has been working in municipal finance for over 18 years. As a former finance director for a town in Colorado, she realized that the way sales taxes were collected was archaic. She was incredulous that businesses were still sending in manually calculated paper coupons to remit their taxes – and, even worse, that the city staff then had to handle that mail, key in the data and make a deposit to the bank. So, Erin created a solution: MUNIRevs.

Established in 2011, MUNIRevs works with communities to automate their business revenue collection. Backed by a lifetime of experience in municipal finance, our team has revolutionized the tax and licensing process.

Adding up to more than $1 billion in paperless revenue, we have become the trusted source for payment processing, allowing residents the ease and convenience of on-time payment while helping cities and states eliminate approximately 95 percent of the manual data entry tasks.



Furthermore, each of our valued team members was hand-selected for their experience in both tax accounting and customer support. Providing attentive, knowledgeable guidance that is prompt and courteous, our customer support specialists are our driving force, providing expert care to each and every one of our 50,000 customers, from right here in the United States.

As an added service, we also turn our expert attention to helping those in the vacation rental industry. Providing helpful guidance and accounting services to lodging and short-term accommodation providers, our tax professionals help owners and managers reconcile ledgers and achieve full compliance through systematic audits.

Discover how easy it truly is to go paperless with your tax and licensing process procedures and start saving time, money, and frustration.


Automated Revenues


Automated Forms and Late Fees

We will make sure you Capture Every Dollar. Collect any business tax or fee. 


Automated Daily Deposits of Business Revenues

Without opening a single envelope! Real time reports update automatically as businesses are remitting!


Automate License Renewals

Collaborate with other departments to electronically approve. Never mail another license or renewal form!

Years of Experience

Trusted Users

Million Collected Monthly

We are so fortunate that MUNIRevs created a paperless solution to sales tax, lodging tax and other tax collection. Business license renewals are a breeze each year and we love seeing our late fees automatically collected.

Kevin Swain, Finance Director, Town of Mountain Village

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