Accelerating Government Engagement

MUNIRevs is now GovOS, the leading provider of software solutions for local government’s digital transformation journey.

Paperless Automation

Our communities are 95% paperless for business revenue collection!

Enhanced Revenues

No more math errors. No more chasing taxpayers to collect penalties or interest due. We will automatically collect every dollar in real-time.

Automatic Deposits

Business payments are automatically remitted to the jurisdiction’s bank account each day.


We support every business. They call the MUNIRevs Support Team, not your staff.

Seamless Rental Compliance

We identify, reconcile, and notify every short term rental advertisement and then automate licensing and tax remittance for each one.

Data-Driven Decisions

Do you know your short term rental inventory? What is their Average Daily Rate last month? Do you know how much revenue your farmer’s market added to business revenues? MUNIRevs communities do! Know, don’t guess.

Unparalleled Support

MUNIRevs is proud to have over 200,000 businesses using our Self-Service Business Center to remit items due to their community. You will love that we:


Make it easy to figure out what is due next.


Calculate what is due and collect it automatically.


Send automated reminders directly to business emails to help them remain compliant.


We are there to help! Businesses can reach us for prompt, expert assistance with any of their questions.

Discover the Benefits

Why Communities Choose Us.

Backed by a decade of delivering the highest results to jurisdictions across the nation, MUNIRevs has become the industry standard in secure tax collection and business licensing.

Simply put, we’re the best in the business. Over the last 10 years, we’ve streamlined paperless revenue collection for municipalities across the nation. Businesses use our Self-Service Business Center to remit anything due to their town.

Whether it’s a new business application, license renewal or their tax forms, we make it easy.

Our system automates all of these processes to ensure ease of use. We make sure the business clearly understands what is owed to the city through easy to understand workflows, automated reminders and targeted notifications.

On average, our communities are 95% paperless – that is 95% fewer tax data entries to make each period. Our reports and dashboards are live so cities know in real-time how revenues are shaping up versus the prior year. What are you waiting for? Go paperless today!

Providing Communities the Highest Level of Support Since 2011

Client Testimonials

I handle business licensing and permitting throughout the nation and online filing has become the new norm.  However, so many systems are difficult to use or take time. I wanted to thank you for making this one of the easiest systems that I’ve used.  The introduction letter was very clear to follow.  The system was incredibly easy to move through. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your making my job easier and how much I appreciate the ability on your team’s part to create a great program.

Permitting User for Online Licensing / Permit System

We are so fortunate that MUNIRevs created a paperless solution to sales tax, lodging tax and other tax collection. Business license renewals are a breeze each year and we love seeing our late fees automatically collected.  And, with MUNIRevs, we are receiving 99% of our tax and licenses without any staff data entry or deposits!  MUNIRevs has been handling our vacation rental compliance as well since 2011, and we continue to be impressed with their innovation and new solutions that they develop as the industry needs change.

Kevin Swain

Finance Director, Town of Mountain Village

We have been using MUNIRevs for several years now.  We’ve had several staff member changes, but I never have to worry about sales taxes and licensing – even with staff turnover.  With MUNIRevs, this revenue collection just “goes”, without me worrying about a thing. 

Renae Gustine

Finance Director, Town of Carbondale

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